Friday, February 6, 2009

I Finally Did It!!

Take a look at the before pictures

Now look at the results

Doesn't he look awesome. I love his haircut. I haven't really wanted to cut it until now. I have loved his long hair, even though lots of people have commented on how badly he needed a hair cut. I wasn't ready until now, but now that it's done I am so happy with it. He look like such a big boy. He was really cooperative too. He wouldn't let the lady use the electric trimmers or the hair dryer, but I didn't expect him to. He doen't like things that make noise. He's got a sucker as a treat for being so good and he's loved showing of his new do to everyone he's seen today.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


I remember when i was growing up, that I shared a bed with some of my siblings. For a while I remember sleeping with Marshall and Morgan in, probably, a queen size bed. Last night the kiddos asked me if they could sleep together. I was a little bit apprehensive about it because they both only sleep in a toddler bed, but I let them try it anyway. I told them if I heard any talking or playing that i would come back and separate them. They went right to sleep. I found them like this only 20 minutes later, completely passed out.

Dave was worried that Sierra would move around too much and bother Reece while he slept so he moved him to her bed a while later, but he ended up back with his sister after a while because when she came in during the middle of the night he was back in his own bed. They did wake up earlier than usual this morning, maybe because they were a bit crowded, who knows. I just think they look so sweet all cuddled up next to each other.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have been making a lot of progress with my working out lately. MeMe and I walk almost every night for a good 45 minutes, and for the last few days I've actually been jogging. At first I was only able to jog a few blocks, but I've been able to go for about 10 minutes the last 2 days. I meet up with MeMe after running and we start our walk so I'm definitely burning some calories. Dave and I went out and got bikes yesterday too. We've been talking about it for years and we finally just did it. We got a trailer for the kiddos and took our first ride today. OMG! it kicked my BUTT. It was so much harder riding with the kids in the trailer. That'll be another great way for me to change up my exercise routine. Now I just really need to keep up with my healthy eating, it gets so boring eating the same thin all of the time. I guess I need to find some more healthy food that I like.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just posted my first week weight loss progress on my sidebar. I am thrilled about this one. I actually lost 5 lbs. in one week. Actually I had lost 5 lbs by Thursday night and I was a little bad this weekend, I went to Olive Garden, so I might have been able to lose more if I hadn't cheated a bit. But I'm perfectly happy with 5 lbs. Hopefully I can keep this up and make good progress like this every week. It makes it a lot easier for me to stick to my diet when I see the progress I've made. Soon I'll be a skinny Minnie.

Gone To Heaven

We had a good friend pass away yesterday morning. She was my little sister, Michelle's, best friend for several years, and a coworker of mine also. She was in a car accident just moments after leaving work on Friday night. This sweet girl was only 16 years old, so young. She was a ball of fire, full of energy. The way I always describe her is "sassy". We will all miss her so much, she touched so many lives. All of our prayers are with this family who has lost someone so dear. Here are a few pictures from the Candle Light Vigil held for her last night. We will always remember you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wrangler PBR

Dave and I had a blast last night. Dave had no idea what we were doing until we got to the Arena and he could smell the livestock. He was really excited, he even said he'd heard about it on the radio and thought it would be really fun to go. Our seats turned out to be just fine, it wouldn't really have mattered where we sat, it wasn't hard to see from any location. I was so excited to go on a date that didn't involve going to a movie, we never do anything different so that was really fun. I managed to take a few pics, they didn't' turn out all that great, but they're all right.

Bringing out the cowboys, YEE HAW!

This was the guy I decided to route for, and he won!

This bull was called McNasty, but the rider managed to stay on.

That blur is the rider after flying off.

We had so much fun. I think we'll definite;y try to go to something like this again.
Here's the winning bull ride, obviously I was excited. Dave was really irritated by one particular rodeo clown. He was driving that little monster truck around and dancing during the whole show. He was more of a crowd pleaser than a rodeo clown, but Dave couldn't stand him. The second video is some of his dancing and, probably Dave's favorite part of the night, where he get chased by a bull.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Date Night

I'm surprising Dave tonight and taking him to watch Pro Bull Riding at the Arena. We love watching it on TV so it should be lots of fun to see it live. I think I got pretty crummy seats because i didn't want to spend a a lot of money, but hopefully they wont be too awful. I'll post pics tomorrow.